A Christmas message from Lex Legio MC

An ode to Christmas from the men who have served,

Who this year tuck in to turkey, so well deserved,

They’ve worn their uniform every year with pride,

But this Christmas Eve on their Harley’s they ride

They sit in their saddle their hands shivering cold,

And rev up their engines, spirits never too old,

With their brothers in pack they thunder through town,

And pray for grip and traction so they never go down

This year with love we remember our brothers,

The men too young to be torn from their mothers,

For friend and before foe they always too strong,

In Valhalla they’ll be dining with mead before long

So don’t forget at the table to always give thanks,

For V-Twins and Cruisers, and strong Kevlar pants,

For the men and the women, so bravely they fight

To keep you and your family safe, all through the night